The Dark Side Of Fame

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Being a breast cancer survivor is not an easy feat to achieve. You have been lucky yes to survive, but you will need the strength to begin living again. Being famous is awesome. We all think that. Lots of money, luxurious lifestyle, the world at your feet. It may seem like that to us, but imagine being in the public eye every moment of your life. You can’t be sure if you are alone or being watched even in your own home. All that glitters is not gold they say, shimmering crystals do hurt sometimes.

When you are a celebrity, you can’t catch a break. You are not able to do the mundane things that we normal folks take for granted. Things like shopping or going out for lunch or for a cup of coffee, meeting up with friends or going for a movie. Stepping out of the house becomes a big event. You have to take extra care to look nice, to dress up and be proper. You don’t know which camera will catch you at which angle and what will face you in the form of front page news the next day morning. The task of looking good can get taxing when you know your age is catching up with you. In the movie world, aging is not good for the career. You may get overlooked or side cast with as much as a sign of a wrinkle or a line. Cosmetic procedures are hushed and undergone in complete discretion.

Not only women, but men have to bare the brash as well. You can’t have a very thin back side or a lean no uncle body. Fat transfer procedure are as common among men as they are among women. You cheeks are looking too drab, lets fill it out a bit, or your breasts have started to sag, straighten it out a bit. A little Knick here and a little tuck there is common and often sort after in this world. Being on camera all the time is hard work. Camera allows photos to be zoomed and scrutinized. You can’t afford to have that sag on your neck show.

Chin liposuction procedures are quite common to fix age sags or fat sags. It is hard work to look like a million bucks every moment of every day for all your life. It is a collateral you have to pay to be remembered by the public. You stay out of the radar for a little while and all you know you have been replaced as the public image by some new girl in town. When you enjoy a certain position while you are a celebrity, you have to work very hard to hold on to it. It can be lost easily even if it is not already stolen or snatched away.

Fame has its perks, not without its thorns however. It may look rosy and glamorous from the outside, but only the inside knows the price you having to pay to portray a rosy picture to the world.

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