Reasons Why Fiji Is The Ultimate Spot For Your Vacation

Fiji is made up of 322 islands where each one of them is a little different from the other. They say in all these islands there is one common factor that is the hospitality that the visitors receive from the locals. Fiji is very popular for its gorgeous rain forest and beaches. You find different features in different islands from wild life adventures to peaceful spa, all beautifully surrounded by the ocean.
The beaches in Fiji
The beautiful beaches are well known worldwide. The amazing climate and crystal clear waters are one of the major reasons why people choose to travel to Fiji. If you want to unwind and relax with your family going for the Malolo island resort family packages would be a really good option. You get to be meters away from sandy stretch that opens into the ocean. It would be great for your kids to play in water and sand. It is also an ideal spot for water sports, vibrant beach parties and many more activities. There is always something right up your alley. You will also get to experience the fascinating coral coast which is known as the most magnificent beach in the Fiji. You will be lucky if you get to spot even dolphins on your day out. adventures are abundant when in Fiji. The blue waves that surround the islands in Fiji is nothing that most people have witnessed before. Different areas of the beach are suitable for different activities. If you are interested in surfing you should opt for a coral free zone such as the Mamanuca or Namotu where surfing is well known for. If you prefer shark diving instructors train tourists to dive before taking them on the scope out for the sharks. If you are into pearls then you should definitely visit the savusavu bay where you can cruise to look at oysters that produce pearls.

The beautiful land in Fiji
The lands in Fiji are just as magnificent as the glorious beaches. The tropical landscape offers acres of rain forests that are abundant in streams, wild life and lovely waterfalls. You can find small green hills to great big mountains you will not be bored when you explore the exotic flora and fauna of the Fiji. If you wish to trek Fiji is very popular for its outdoor enthusiasts. The breath taking nature will make just about any hike a memorable one. If you are more adventurous you can choose to zip line and see the nature in a furiously fast whirl. What more adventurous than zip lining through the rain forests.Fiji is the ultimate destination if you are all about the beaches, rain forests and beautiful ocean. When in Fiji you are never out of things to do.