Inexpensive Ideas For Your Wedding

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Wedding can be a lot of fun but the one thing that you notice about every wedding that you go to is that they are all the same and that almost every aspect, detail for detail is a copy of every other wedding that you have ever been to and so, if you are planning your wedding, dare to be bold and do things differently.

Food and drinks

Weddings, even in this day and age are a show of money and therefore, people even go in to debt trying to have the biggest wedding party that they can possibly have with fancy seven course meals but this is unnecessary. You can simply choose to buy sparkling wine online and some great finger food to give your guests who will very much enjoy the food and the drinks. It is unnecessary in this day and age to show that you have more money than you do.In fact, if you shop online for the things you need to get for your wedding, you should be able to get them for very good rates because there are great deals online. You can buy wine online sometimes for half the price.

The perfect dress

There are many reasons as to why people follow the traditions associated with weddings and you will find that not one of these traditions are necessary for modern twenty first century life. People associate many things with the white ball gown that brides wear for their wedding day but the truth is that the only reason that people wear a white ball gown is because Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding. In those days, people did not have white clothes because they only has a very few clothes and depended on wearing them for a very long time and due to the fact that white clothes get stained easily and they did not have proper ways to wash their clothes, these people could only wear their white clothes once or twice and they could not afford to have clothes that they could wear only once or twice.

As such, white clothes were associated with money because only the rich could afford them and when Queen Victoria wore it for her wedding, it made women all over the world also collect money to be able to afford a white dress to show that they had money. In this day and age, you are not bound to follow the fashion rules of a Queen from one hundred years ago and therefore, you can wear anything you want for your wedding.