How To Get Joint Application

Getting joint visa could be complicated and you might even get rejected at first. Here are few ways in which you can speed up this process.

Trying to get before getting married
In order to get partner visa Sydney you need to show that you are married with your partner and this helps to fasten the whole process. However, it could get complicated for couples who are not married and yet apply for this. One way you can get visa out of marriage is by showing proof that you have been living with your partner for at least a year. If you have a joint bank account with your partner then this would be a strong proof or you could also show that you both share financial expenses. It is necessary to show some kind of proof of your relationship else it is likely to get rejected.
Disclose everything
Another way to get it done faster is to make sure you are honest with your application and disclose everything. This is because if they have any doubts your visa is likely to get rejected. If you have had issues in the past where you had to get people like involved then all this must be mentioned to them. This is because there are chances of them having your records, and you not disclosing them increases your chance of rejection. Apart from this you need to be honest when filling your form and disclose sensitive information such as your source of income and other things.

Provide all documents with copies
Common mistake which everyone makes is not providing all the documents. In order to get your visa they might ask a lot of documents such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, bank documents and many more. So there is a high chance of you missing on some. Lack of documents could lead to rejection. It is important to double check your papers and also make sure you have all the documents which they need with an extra copy of each.

Even after all this there could be a chance of your partner visa getting rejected. However, you could always try again but you should keep in mind not to repeat the mistakes which you made initially. For instance during the second time you could get an expert advice to make sure you get everything right. Sometimes getting it done through an agent increases your chance of getting it the first time itself. This could be a bit costly but it is cheaper than paying for the whole process for the second time. Lastly, internet could be used to give out any additional information which might be helpful in order to get your partner visa.