4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Pantry Organized

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The heart of every home is in its pantry where all the meals are prepared. The pantry is where everything for our meals are typically stored along with snacks and perhaps pet food too. However, it is vital to keep your pantry organized and well managed as a poorly managed pantry can cause a lot of frustration and even attract rodents and pests in to your home. Given below are some steps you can make use of to keep your pantry practical, clean and waste efficient.

Check your inventory
If you keep an inventory of all the products you have, then it will make it easier for you to organize them in to your storage space. It is also convenient for future references. Clear our any old foods or anything past its expiry date. Dispose anything that is going to spoil or be infested with moths or pests any time soon. Pantries with https://www.glassandshowerscreens.com.au/Glass-Splashbacks tend to be cleaner because these tops make it easier to clean with a wet sponge or disinfectant. You might be surprised at how some foods can look perfect but are way past their expiry dates, so check closely.

Check the placing of the foods
To avoid the difficulty in finding things in your pantry, it is best to group your foods and products together. Most often the foods that are used quite frequently used such as teas, coffees and seasonings and so on are kept in the middle shelves as it is the easiest to access. If you have glass splashbacks installed in your pantry, then it will make your pantry look elegant and clean apart from having the foods grouped. Make sure to wipe the surfaces clean every week or so. It will be more practical to keep all your canned goods and jars together while cereals, pasta and dried rations can be kept separately.

Shelving units
Investing in some small shelving units will help you save space as you can double stack certain items such as jars, small condiments and making everything more visible. Try removing sachets that are in large boxes in to smaller storage containers so that you can save space and it certainly looks more attractive in pretty containers.

Remove heat sensitive food
It is not advisable to keep heat sensitive foods such as eggs, chocolate or butter in the pantry as these will be prone to turn bad in such an environment unless your pantry is naturally and consistently cold. If there is no choice it is best to use polystyrene boxes or other heat proof containers to store them in. For more information, please click here.shower-screen